A Day Closer To Sex
The Tank-Top
Growing up as a kid I was always driven by what I believed was my calling.  I remember being only 6 years old and already having a clear understanding and description of what I was going to be doing when I grew up.  Nope, I'm not a Pastor yet, but I will be.  I started this website with three main objectives in mind:

1. To express my love and passion to serve and love God and His people.

2. To collectively engage with you all and discuss theological truths, theories, ideas, philosophies, and initiatives.

3. To centralize my personal, professional and ministerial life.


About Martin

I am 22-years-old. Currently reside in Lehi, Utah.  I was born in Mexico city from missionary parents; 3 countries, 6 states & 11 cities. Founder of Fat Fish Media and The Church Identity, and Media Director at City Church. Future pastor.  Read More...